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Rust bindings

  • Hey guys, I am learning rust right now and I am looking for a great UI framework. I found out there are some Qt bindings available, so here are my questions :

    • which one of the bindings have you used?
    • which one would you recommend?
    • is there any binding that has android /ios support?

    Thanks in advance for the replies

  • @Olivier92m I can only speak for me:

    • none, native Qt
    • those available with Qt
    • if you would spend 30 seconds actually looking at Qt site you would know that Qt is available both for Android and iOS/iPadOS

  • @artwaw thanks for reply ,

    maybe i wasn't clear enough but i was talking about android/ios bindings for rust with qt support.

    basically i have a big library that is written in rust, and i would like to write a cross plateform application based on that library. If possible , I would use qml for the front-end , and rust for the backend , hence my question.

    i have found some qt bindings for rust here: are we gui yet ( scroll down and select qt/qml) 😊

    Since there are a few available choices, i was wondering if someone could recommend one of the bindings, and if someone knows whether or not any of these rust bindings can be deployed to mobile.

    Again, thanks in advance for the replies.

  • @Olivier92m Then just include that library in your code, assuming it has the right bindings for c++? if it ain't then I don't know, as far as I can't tell you can't make it work.
    If you're about to compile something c++ linking to the said library it has to have c++ header files, you know.

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