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Experimenting with the layouts

  • Hi All,

    What's the best way to experiment with the layout? There are different layouts and functions from different classes.
    How to set use these functions correctly to get the desired result? Most of the time, the changes due to adding functions/properties don't show up in my display.

    I am facing problem with the syntax of these functions from different Qt classes too.

    Need suggestions for improvement.


  • @Swati777999
    How about playing with your desired design in Qt Designer? Use that to interactively examine what you want/what you get. Then if you're doing the actual work in code instead port the generated code from Designer (in the ui_....h file) to your code.

  • Try it in designer which has preview
    ==>Form==>Preview in==>Fusion Style
    to make sure the layouts are right and then generate your C++ code.

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