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Kubuntu 10.11 and OpenGL

  • Hi everybody!
    I`m new on Linux. I try build "Boxes" demo from QtSDK but get the GL missing error:
    error: GL/gl.h: No such file or directory

    Where i can get OpenGL library and where i should place it on my Kubuntu?

    Thanks for replays.

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    Use standard apt-get way to get OpenGL stuff. You have to install MESA dev packages. There are many available, I usually install most of them ;)

    Example packages:

    • libgl1-mesa-dev
    • libglu1-mesa-dev
    • libopenvg1-mesa-dev
    • libglw1-mesa-dev

    Those should also pull remaining packages as dependencies.

  • I installed all
    but there is new error:
    /boxes/qtbox.cpp:327: error: ‘gluPerspective’ was not declared in this scope

    may be i should setup some settings for it?

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    Not sure. Usually, I keep installing new mesa packages as long as there are any errors. Usually works. I've been using it to run OpenGl in Qt5, so it should also work in Qt4.

  • These two packages will be enough (in theory...) for opengl:

    sudo apt-get install libgl-dev
    sudo apt-get install libglu-dev

    And of course, in your *.pro file for QtOpenGL module:
    QT += opengl

  • Thank you for your replies
    they was very helpful

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