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Invalid property name "orientation" (M16) in Design mode

  • Hello,

    I am getting an error with QtCreator 5.0.3-2. I have installed qt5 version 5.15.2. I am using Manjaro Xfce21.1.6.

    I create an new "Qt Quick Application - Empty", then add a "QtQuick UI File", and open it in Design mode. I drag a rectangle into my Item and press "Fill color" to choose a color. Solid colors work fine, but as soon as I choose Linear, I get an error message saying 'Invalid property name "orientation" (M16)'. I can still choose a color, but nothing gets applied to the rectangle. If I click the Gradient Picker and choose a predefined gradient, I get the same error when clicking Apply, and no colors get applied.


    I searched and found posts regarding Invalid Property Name errors, but nothing about the "orientation" property.

    Anyone have a clue what the issue might be and how to solve it?

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  • Update:

    If I add the gradient in the Text Editor first, then I can play around with the gradient in the Form Editor just fine! But the predefined gradients in the Gradient Picker still generate the same error.
    alt text

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