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QT not recognizing win32 methods

  • I am using functions like readregistryvalue from windows.h
    I wanted to know if this is the way it has to be done in Qt too, and I tried including windows.h but I am not able to do that anyideas as to how to include it .
    by the way i am using visual studio addin and my workspace is linked with 4.8.0 qt library

  • You can use QSettings instead of windows registry functions...
    And by the way, if you use VS, you can use full power of windows SDK, just ensure what all paths & libs are set in the VS Project Properties...

    I don't really understand why you can't include windows.h? What does compiler says about that?

  • This usually works without any problems and is used internally in Qt too. What is your error?

  • actually, I am having an error which says _T identifier not found, I am trying to convert from char * to LPCWSTR and tried including windows.h
    apart from that i incuded QString::toUtf8 to achieve from QString to QByteArray and that is also not actually working.

    I am pretty sure its getting included because it should have thrown me an error which would be like header file not found, that is not the case here,.

  • If you use RegGetValue from winapi, you need add library Advapi32.lib see "msdn":

    p.s. some my code:
    QString value(const QString &subKey)
    TCHAR buff[1024] = {0};
    DWORD dwSize = sizeof(buff);

    lError = RegQueryValueEx(hHandle, subKey.utf16(), NULL, NULL, (BYTE*)buff, &dwSize);
    return QString::fromUtf16(reinterpret_cast<ushort*>(buff));


  • Have you set Character Set Project Properties?
    VS Project Property Page -> General -> Character Set.
    Vs Property Page -> C/c++ -> Language -> Treat WChar_t As Built in Type should be No.

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