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Why Nokia don't use Android on their devices ?

  • I use nokia mobile phones for a long time, for me it the best phone, with all good quality. I would like to change mine to new one, which would be smarter :) (now I have x3-00 which is not a smart-phone). But I see that Nokia don't uses Android OS on their Smarts. I wait for some surprises from Symbian but as I look now it's not so popular as iOS and Android. So maybe anyone knows about plans on Symbian and Android.

  • The latest Nokia strategy for smartphones relies heavily on their partnership with Microsoft and they use Windows Phone. You can get more information about this topic at "Nokia Developer": and "Nokia Conversations":

  • I know about Microsoft and Windows Phone. But hear nothing about android and what they will do with Symbian in future. Does anyone knows ?

  • [quote author="Anticross" date="1326882308"]I know about Microsoft and Windows Phone. But hear nothing about android and what they will do with Symbian in future. Does anyone knows ?[/quote]

    Nokia does not have any official plans to use Android. "Symbian will continue getting updates at least until 2016":

  • A memo of Nokia's CEO had leaked before the Feb 11 announcement - the "burning platform" memo. Between the memo leak and Feb 11 event, there were many people writing about why Nokia should switch to Android, WebOS or some other platform, or stick with Meego+Symbian. After Feb 11 people started to write about why Nokia chose WP and not some other platform. So there are "tons of articles": you can find from Q1 & Q2 of 2011:

    Especially "Tomi Ahonen": was very vocal, still is, about these issues.

  • I think their union makes sense. It is a question of money and market strategy. Nokia has the know-how to do phones and Microsoft to make OS. And they have both a common target, as they are (until now) weak in the phone market. In this way they unite forces.


  • You know that Nokia already had an operating system suitable for smartphones, MeeGo?

    And you know that the only handset released, N9, which had almost no advertising, selling at full price and no release on major markets sold one third more units last year then all Lumia phones, even though they were heavily advertised and subsidized?

    You know that this ratio would redound to the benefit of MeeGo by much if one would count only handsets the actually reached the end user, excluding the ones that are still in warehouses but labeled as "sold" by Nokia?

    Nokia had the technical know-how, the operating system and a stable eco-system. The latter two were trashed in favor of Windows Phone 7 and by looking at the business ratios alone this was a disastrous decision. Nokia hit rock bottom with Windows Phone 7, Microsoft and Elop, with hardly any prospects for improvment right now.

  • Lukas,

    I am not in favor of this union, I only say that there is a logical reason for it. Nokia will now half the resources (money & time) needed to go ahead with the phone business. And Microsoft founded the right partener to sell Windows Phone OS.


  • Please don't feel offended. I sometimes get a bit "ranty" when it comes down to Elop and Microsoft, but that's my problem, not yours. ;-)

  • No problem! :-) I understand you being angry about this. I am for open-source OS's and not a fan at all of Microsoft...

  • But MeeGo still supported by other companies ? I remember windows mobile OS and that OS is bad for me. And how about to write applications for wp7 on qt ?

  • There is no way to write qt applications for WP7, sorry. Perhaps WP8? MS is ditching Silverlight anyway, and QML seems a nice fit for the whole Metro UI style.

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