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[SOLVED] Imageformat Plugins for Static Build?

  • Hello,

    How does one make/obtain the imageformat plugins like qjpeg.lib that work with static build?

    I've tried compiling 4.7.4(msvc2008) with a configure of -static -qt-jpeg but no jpeg plugins are created.

    The only time I've seen qjpeg.lib created was for shared build and it was only 2k bytes. It was probably a link library associated with qjpeg.dll and can't be used with static build.

    Puzzling. Any ideas?

  • OK, I see the problem. The source to the imageformat plugins is not included in 4.7.4. It is included in 4.7.3. I'll need to go back to 4.7.3 for my static build.

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