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QNetworkReply fault

  • Goodmorging to All!
    my application is a Front-End client developed with WebAssembly framework.
    I have a different behaviour if I run my application compiled on mingw 64 bit or webassembly.

    I want to get a xml file from server, I ask this file across a RESTful api, and load it with
    When I run my application in desktop mode (1) (compiled with mingw 64) I read the xml without problem
    When I run my application in web mode (2) (compiled with webassembly) in Chrome, my program goes in fault because the QNetworkReply (associated with QNetworkAccessManager) return the qt home page ""
    The only difference beetwen (1) and (2) is the compile procedure.
    I use the same value for schema, host, port, and request.
    Can someone help me to understand this behaviour?

  • Need more information, such as Qt version, any messages you may see in the browser console.