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Qt Dev Days survey issues

  • I just received a survey on the Qt Dev Days in München. There are some issues with it though.

    First, the questions where you have to rank a 20 point list of what you think needs improvement or what you liked most is not clearly worded, and is very hard to do in this form. This really makes me want to quit filling in the survey. Make the list really re-orderable if you must, but this is just hard to do. You're even forced to say that you hated stuff that you did not. Even more so if there are things in that list you did not attend, so you can not judge on them.

    On the training day, there is no way to give feedback on the Quick training, but skipping answering the other options is not possible either.

    It is annoying that it is send from a no-reply address. That makes me post my issues with it here.

  • Sorry about that. Indeed slightly confusing. This has been reworded and you should only choose your top 3 areas for improvement or top 3 things you loved. You can re-enter the survey with the same link. Send your email to qt.comments@nokia.com, if you have further concerns about the survey.

  • Thanks for responding here.

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