Beginner creating a 2D game, need help and expert advice

  • Hi, I am a beginner and need to create a 2D mobile game. The game basically consists of moving entities that responds to touch and gestures. These entities spawn throughout the game and also need to determine if it is colliding with another specific entity. I am somewhat confused on how to begin coding the game world. I am planning to create these entities as custom widgets inside threaded classes (the class will make the widgets move, provide random spawning points, animations if possible, and implement signals/slots). Is this a sound (and effective) plan or is there an easier/standard way in doing this? Thanks!

  • By the way I am also planning on using QML with the custom widgets..

  • Hi,

    take a look at "Box2D": . You can use it for collision detection and moving entities.

  • You can have a look at "mini cocos2d-clone":, I'm adding android support and iOS soon, so your cross-platform game support!

    Check the example to see how easy it is!

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