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[SOLVED] QSlider don't react on mouse wheel

  • If I set the range of my slider from 0 to 65535 it don't react on wheel scrolling. But when I set the range from 0 to 100 it's all OK. Why this happens and what shall I do to make it scrollable by mouse wheel with range from 0 to 65535?

  • I'm pretty sure it does react, you just cannot see it because it moves with such small steps compared to the range. To see it move, you'll have to adjust the singleStep and/or pageStep properties accordingly.

  • If I set single step to 65535/100 it really moves when I use arrows on keyboard, but not when mouse wheel.

  • Ok now when I set single step and page step to 65535/100 it works both cases. So : "To see it move, you’ll have to adjust the singleStep AND pageStep properties accordingly." Thanks , ludde.

  • Well I'm pretty sure it's just one of them that has to do with wheel scrolling, I just didn't know which one. Seems to be the pageStep, which means you probably don't have to set the singleStep.

  • Exactly, but if anyone need also scroll by using arrow keys they need to set singleStep.

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