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[SOLVED] Can't create desktop app?

  • Hi I downloaded the latest Qt SDK and installed it using the online installer. However when I try to create a new Qt Widget GUI desktop app I am only presented with the targets: QT Simulator and Harmatten?

    How do I create a desktop only app??

    This may only be an issue with Linux install.
    It seems the directory permission for /opt/QtSDK/Desktop is incorrect. What I ended up doing was

    chmod -R 755 /opt/QtSDK/Desktop

    since I also installed the sdk under /opt, I need to have root permission, what i later did was

    chown -R <user>:<user> /opt/QtSDK

    where <user> is the user id shown by trying whoami in the Linux shell

  • Did you install ... ?

    • Desktop Qt found at Qt SDK -> Development Tools -> Desktop Qt
    • a toolchain, for example MSVC or MinGW found at Qt SDK -> Miscellaneous

  • Did I install? not sure what you mean by that, reading the SDK page it states this,

    "The Qt SDK includes the tools you need to build desktop, embedded and mobile applications with Qt from a single install. "

    I have always installed this way. This is the first time I don't see any option for me to build on Qt desktop app.

    I am using Kubuntu 10.04 and I have all the GNU tool chain installed along with other IDE to build C++ apps.

    Wondering what happened to desktop??? Is this a bug with the installer??

    Also what I find really vexing is the crappy online install experience. I am right now trying to update my install because it's doesn't install designer by default? The installer seems hung with no feedback!

  • Just open the Qt SDK maintenance utility and make sure you've installed all the parts needed for desktop Qt development.

  • thanks, i've decided to go with the offline install, hopefully i'll have better luck. the online experience as well as the update takes forever.

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