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[Solved] [Moved] Qt Creator , default parameter of make ?

  • Hi,

    I wanted to make the default parameter to "make -j4 -w" in the building directory , because for a big project, things went really slow on compiling , especially in windows / mingw32.

    Enabling multi-thread of make , can cause problems to stop the process , i tried and it occured.

    But still i wanted this to be an option in QtCreator's settings page , is there something already exists ? Or modify mkspec files ? I don't know much about this.

  • Open your project, go to Projects tab. You need to modify "Make:" part of the "Build steps" section.

  • @p-himik:
    while this works for single configurations of single projects, there is no general configuration (default settings) for that.

    Feel free to vote for "QTCREATORBUG-6825":

  • Update:
    The suggestion of adding a general setting was rejected within minutes, so don't count on this being added to Creator eventually.

  • Moderators

    How about just setting the MAKEFLAGS environment variable? All decent make implementations use that (at least on Unix;-).

  • Don't seem to work with MAKEFLAGS ,

    I tried: env MAKEFLAGS="-j4" qtcreator *pro , and it still launches make -w

  • Moderators

    Make evaluates MAKEFLAGS itself, so you do not see this reflected in the command line triggered by Qt Creator.

    Check your favorite process monitor: It should show several compilers running.

  • Here is a solution that works quite nicely. I export MAKEFLAGS, but you could as well add a -j<n> option directly to the script:

    1. Create a script similar to the following shell script, it is named for me (defaults to bash, works for me (tm)):

    export PATH=/opt/icecream/bin:/usr/lib/icecc/bin:$PATH
    time nice -2 make $*
    if [[ $rc != 0 ]] ; then
    exit $rc

    1. Either "Override make" in the Qt Creator project setting and select the script, or call Creator from an environment where a link to this script named "make" is found before the platform make tool (usually /usr/bin/make).

    Hope this helps!


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