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Qt App startrs but QTableView has no output on remote X11 connection

  • Dear Qt experts,

    I have application that works on WSL based openSUSE Leap. It has two parts

    nonUI a Qtbased UI app.
    QtBased UI App worsk on Xserver (XcSRV) running on local machine but does not run correctly on Xserver on remote machine

    Appliction starts but not QTableView output is shown and nom reaction on mouse click for tabView occurs.,

    Content of QtableView is upadated evcerey second form csv file

    Is it possible to recomend me what to do to solve or detect problem source, please?

    I look forward hering from you.

    Yours faithfully

    Peter Fodrej

  • Hi,
    The issue looks like a network issue rather than something Qt specific. My cold guess is that the remote X connection’s latency is higher than your List View’s update frequency. So the remote server starts to draw the widget and a new version is pushed before drawing is finished.
    You can narrow it down by temporarily reducing the update frequency to, say, 15seconds. If the remote X connection displays the List Widget correctly, the network is the troublemaker.

  • Thank you. Same application works on local X server running 4 times at once and it is ok. I will try to reduce display latency

    X-term and Kate works OK even on remote machine X server

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