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Stylesheet Quirks?

    1. How can I center align QHeaderView's section icons?
      Edit: Looks like for this I have to use a QProxyStyle. Since I'm not using the verticalHeader in this table view, I can just turn it off & add horizontal padding (so the empty vertical header doesn't take up lots of unnecessary space and look bad). Still, it would be nice to see another solution to this, if there is one.

    2. In blue is the style's selection indicator (called "outline:" on some widgets). How can I remove it for QComboBox dropdowns & QListView items? In green is what I want it to look like.
      The outline is also seen here.

    In the red is something I can't figure out, and it also seems to be related to the selection outline, but I can't figure out why it's different from the dropdown's selection. I also want to get rid of that.
    I did this in my stylesheet:

    * {
        outline: none;

    But this only fixed it for QTableView/QTableWidget.

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