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Column 1 out of range although datas aren't missing and data are showing properly

  • Hey guys,
    I am having some problem while using query to fetch data.
    This is the exact same code

       QString command  = "select name from details;";
            QSqlDatabase db  =  QSqlDatabase::addDatabase("QMYSQL");
                QSqlQuery query(db);
                    while ( {
                        QString name= query.value(0).toString();
     // keep err here
    // keep err here
        QSqlDatabase::removeDatabase("qt_sql_default_connection"); // removing database

    This is output of qDebug()

    QVariant(QString, "First name") 
    QMYSQLResult::data: column 1 out of range
    QVariant(QString, "second name")
    QVariant(QString, "third name")
    QVariant(QString, "fourth")
    QVariant(QString, "fifth")
    QVariant(QString, "sixth")
    QVariant(QString, "seventh")
    QVariant(QString, "eighth")
    QVariant(QString, "ninth")
    QMYSQLResult::data: column 1 out of range

    And mysql table is same as the output and the data are in the same format.
    There is nothing between the data. There are 3 columns in table and it is the first column.
    What may be the problem with it. I have read some articles about it.
    I tried using isValid() and I got the same thing. What could have caused it??

  • @Thank-You How does it compare then you run the query directly on the db server? How many rows do you get back?

  • @artwaw
    It gives me the exact data present in output. They have same data and same no. of rows.

    Thank You

  • @Thank-You Can you include in qDebug() query.size()? Also examining result() comes to mind.
    It is absolutely odd.

  • @artwaw

    Can you include in qDebug() query.size()?

    It gives me 9

    Also examining result() comes to mind.

    Sorry I am not aware of this thing. I tried reading docs but I am not getting this thing. 😂😂 LOL

  • @Thank-You Which Qt version do you use and what sort of MySql db runs as your db server? I'll try to reproduce this behaviour.

  • @artwaw
    I should have included it at first
    QT 5.12.8 and mysql
    Server version: 10.4.18-MariaDB - binary distribution
    Apache/2.4.46 (Win64) OpenSSL/1.1.1j PHP/8.0.3
    Database client version: libmysql - mysqlnd 8.0.3
    Are these sufficient ?

  • @Thank-You As long as you use MinGW I should be fine;) I'll get back to you once I download and install this ancient version of Qt (you should update it to 5.15.2 and see if that helps by the way).

  • @Thank-You
    There is clearly a problem in this area out there, i.e. you are not alone. (There is nothing wrong with your code.) See Qt, MySQL: QMYSQLResult::data: column 1 out of range that only happens sometimes

    Try different version of Qt and/or mysql driver?

  • @JonB
    Then I think I shouldn't take much stress in this. If codes become compatible with newer version of QT I will go with it. For now I will go with this. I have not tried QT 5.15.2 @artwaw Are the codes of QT 5.12.8 compatible with that version ?

  • @Thank-You Mostly yes. A few minor changes in QString (parameters for split() moved from QString:: to Qt::) that I noticed.
    I also tested this with current stable MariaDB on Debian, no issued for over a 100 selects in the row.

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