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Patch in qmake to split

  • The size of the for MIPS comes aroud 30MB. Is there a patch in qmake where we can split the By adding QTDIR_build in QT_CONFIG solve the purpose. I am a newbie to QT ad qmake. I saw the following comments in project file

    CONFIG(QTDIR_build) {
    # The following lines are to prevent qmake from adding the jscore, webcore and webkit2 libs to libQtWebKit's prl dependencies.
    # The compromise we have to accept by disabling explicitlib is to drop support to link QtWebKit and QtScript
    # statically in applications (which isn't used often because, among other things, of licensing obstacles).
    CONFIG -= explicitlib
    CONFIG -= staticlib

    Does this mean the jScore and Webcore static library not get included in Webkit Shared library?

    [EDIT: code formatting, please wrap in @-tags, Volker]

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