What's Wrong with this javaScript code?

  • Hi everyone. What do you think I am missing out on this code?

    @function ont(question,answer){
    var r=level;
    if(r == 0){
    first= Math.floor(Math.random()*19+1);
    second= Math.floor(Math.random()*19+1);
    return question;
    return answer;

    The purpose of the code above is to return the question and answer to be used as a property of a qml file named object

    property string answer: Logic.ont();
    Text {
    id: query
    text: qsTr(" "+Logic.ont())


    As you will notice, the question will be displayed as a text while the answer will be a property of that object. while the questions seems to be displayed properly. im having a problem about the answer. i cant verify the correct answer and i dont know what went wrong

    can you help me guys? thanks

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    You are using 2 return statements... function will end after the first one. The second one (line 9.) will never get returned.

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