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QAudioDeviceInfo::defaultInputDevice() unexpected behavior

  • Hi guys. I am implementing an audio recorder app with GUI and use QAudioDeviceInfo class for extracting locally available audio input devices. It works correctly, but when I want to extract the default Audio Input device name with QAudioDeviceInfo::defaultInputDevice() it works unexpectedly.

        const auto l_deviceInfos = QAudioDeviceInfo::availableDevices(QAudio::AudioInput);
        const auto l_default = QAudioDeviceInfo::defaultInputDevice().deviceName();
        qDebug()<<l_default;// displays "Default Input Device"
        QAudioDeviceInfo l_elem{};
        foreach(l_elem, l_deviceInfos){
            //works fine and adds all names of available audio input devices

    Could you please explain what is the problem and how can I handle it? Thanks

  • @haykarmeni What value do you expect?

  • @eyllanesc based on https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qaudiodeviceinfo.html#deviceName it will return the human-readable name of the audio device, so in this case Microphone (Realtek (R) Audio) as my default audio input device, because when I call qDebug() for l_elem.deviceName() it works fine and displays all names of available devices

  • @haykarmeni The docs say: eg. default, Intel, U0x46d0x9a4

  • @eyllanesc, so is there any other way to extract the exact name of the default audio input file? Am I right, that the first element of the returned value of QAudioDeviceInfo::availableDevices(QAudio::AudioInput) is the DeviceInfo of the default audio input device?