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Am I online?

  • Well, am I?

  • A good question. How do we know someones status if he's online or not?

  • I don't think it's really necessary.

  • [quote author="Aleksandar Petrinic" date="1274488381"]I don't think it's really necessary. [/quote]

    I find it useful in most forums. If we know a user is online we might be interested in continuing the discussion and can wait for a reply.

    We can have the user set the privacy policy whether his status should be shown or not.

  • If we implement this feature the default setting would be "do not show" in my opinion, and that would reduce the value of the feature a lot. We currently show the "last visit" date in the member list. Not the same I know but it's as far as I would go without asking users for opt-in permission.

    I would be very interested in hearing peoples opinions on this, I know others might not have the same aversion to "default = on" sharing settings as I have :)

  • Even someone won't turn on this feature, someone else will do another way :) And that is reason to implement it, I guess.

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