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Qt for I-Phone

  • It seems there was a Qt Nokia project for deployment on I-Phone, is it dead? Latetly I've been playing with XCode, but I get bored has its not so cool as Qt. C'mon they don´t even have c++ !!! Besides I have seen some blogs on the net about this subject. What do you say, Nokia? "Code less, deploy everywhere" ;-)

  • Obviously, it's not in Nokia's interest to make development for the iPhone easier or more pleasant, so I wouldn't hold my breath for an official Qt for iPhone. A community version, now that's an entirely different story...

  • There is a "website":http://www.qt-iphone.com/Introduction.html, but there is no news for a long time ago..

  • Main problem with this, as with Android porting, is short of resources. Even "Jambi":http://qtjambi.sourceforge.net community is in constant need of new developers, and that project atleast was feature complete at 4.5 ...

    So, if you are interested in of such things, please go and contribute!

  • Qt for iphone? Mmm i don't think is useful now..maybe after some years but only QML.
    You can develop your QML-Iphone library :)

    But iphone is very closely, for developer you need iphone,imac,developer license...
    Nokia have no interess in qt-iphone and maybe apple not want this. And there are many limitation, for example is not easy in iphone create and send a sms (it 'locked' for "security") in nokia is different and qt mobile have two classes for doing this.

    If you want develop an app for iphone, you can try phonegap, but it doesn't have the full library of the SDK of apple.

  • Check out the "Qt QML Viewer running on iOS (iPod touch 4G)":http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjYJdi48B8Q

    And "the Animated Tiles example":http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w98NzO_g0CU

    These previews use Qt/Lighthouse (on iOS 4.1). Once Qt 4.8 is released, it will be possible to release apps using Lighthouse versions of Qt. By that time (maybe 4-6 months?) this port will be complete (including Qt Mobility). Currently, Apple's App Store policies would require a commercial Qt license (due to Qt needing to be linked statically). In the coming weeks, an attempt will be made to put a QML based Qt app through the Apple iOS App Store as a compliance test.

    This port is in no way related to the Qt-iPhone project, and no examination of that project's code has been done.

  • Hi SumWon, the links you provided are very useful information. If that attempt results sucessful, I think it will be very useful for developers, and for Qt as a cross plataform tool.
    To me, personally, and being a hobbiest, I really enjoy playing with Qt and C++. For professional developers I think is a plus, focusing on one programming language / toolkit to do their work.

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