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Make not recognized by configure script

  • Hi all. I'm trying to compile the Qt 4.8 libraries for 32-bit Linux. I run the configure script and get this:

    You don't seem to have 'make' or 'gmake' in your PATH.
    Cannot proceed.

    Running "echo $PATH" gives me


    I definitely have make installed (GNU Make). What am I missing here?

  • What does "which make" give you?

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    I have encountered a similar problem a few days ago with a custom build of Qt5. In my case, "config.tests/unix" directory was the source of the problem - but I have modified it heavily, so it was all my fault. Maybe this will shed some light on your issue. Maybe you've got the checksum wrong, and the error happened to reside in that folder?

  • Running "which make" gives me


    The problem seems to be in the configure script itself. Here's the code that failed, starting at line 2626:

    @# find a make command
    if [ -z "$MAKE" ]; then
    for mk in gmake make; do
    if "$WHICH" $mk >/dev/null 2>&1; then
    MAKE="$WHICH" $mk
    if [ -z "$MAKE" ]; then
    echo >&2 "You don't seem to have 'make' or 'gmake' in your PATH."
    echo >&2 "Cannot proceed."
    exit 1
    # export MAKE, we need it later in the config.tests
    export MAKE

    Maybe if I knew something about coding I could debug this. What do you all think?

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