I Can't get online help files to work

  • Hi everyone!
    I am new to -QT- Qt and to C++, however being a fast learner I have managed to create a few simple GUI applications using the -QT- Qt SDK and some help from YouTube. So I know the Program is working correctly as I have compiled and ran these applications.

    My problem is that the help files don't come up like there suppose too. I keep getting a Error 404, or file not found when I try to access help. I am running -QT- Qt Creator 3.4.0 on Linux Ubuntu 11.10

    I also have -QT- Qt creator on my Windows machine and the help files work perfect but as I an developing software for a Linux OS (Open Source) I would like to solve this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Edit: it is spelled Qt, not QT; Andre

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    Which help files are you talking about? Those in your application or help on Qt classes inside Qt Creator?

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