Codes problem. Qml and Javascript

  • hi everyone im having a problem here you see my game.qml has this property
    @ id:scene

    property int score: 0
    property int highScore:0
    property bool ready: false
    property bool paused: true
    property int level:0
    property int answered: 0
    signal clicked();
    signal levelLoaded();@

    it has a property level which is equal to 0

    and on my js file... i have this code

    @var answer;
    var question;

    //script for query
    var r = scene.level
    if(r == 0){
    first= Math.floor(Math.random()*19+1);
    second= Math.floor(Math.random()*19+1);


    i want to use the property of my game.qml as a basis for the conditions on the if-else statements

    but everytime i do this. it always return this error/bug "scene[null] is not an object";

    anyone knows this?

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    We lack some info here. How did you include the JS file? Is the JS a library? Is the code you provided inside a function?

  • I am guessing he has the javascript in a separate file and he isn't including it. OP, its probably easier to just stick that javascript code into the same QML file that scene is in.

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