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Qt for Windows IA64

  • Hi All!

    I’ve got Itanium (IA64) hardware with Windows Server installed and, as far as I am an old fan of Qt, I wanted to run Qt on this HW natively. After some minor Qt code patching I was able to get some demos running well (see for some screenshots). Some components as expected are not working, but this is not relevant for now...

    Basically I wanted to ask Qt community about some things:

    1. Whether Qt was already compiled/tested for Windows IA64 ever before?

    2. Whether anyone (besides me) is interested in native IA64 build of Qt? Developers and testers are welcome.

    3. I can commit my patches to Qt repository. Whether Qt community is interested in this code? As I can imagine the more platforms Qt can be compiled to is better?

    Feedbacks are welcome!


  • I'm not sure how popular IA-64 is these days :-) but I think there's nothing wrong with keeping Qt running on that platform. The only issue I see is the inherent difficulty in testing the builds.

    Do you mind asking on #qt-labs on Freenode or on the development mailing list?

  • Probably a fresh bad news for ia64 programmers,

    Ulrich Drepper will remove the ia64 support from the glibc:

    (of course ia64 is not equal x86-64 !)

  • I wouldn't state ia64 is dead. From my understanding this architecture is much more advanced than x86 and x64 together. It's really is disappointing that ia64 is not popular enough, but it's not important for this forum thread. But, actually, I do understand your point, broadpeak.

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