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Create package for Linux and symbian

  • hi
    i installed Qt creator in windows and i created some applications using it.
    i know that if i want to create a package for my application in windows i should paste all needed .dll files into debug folder but this does not work for other platforms like linux (parsix distribution) . what should i do for creating package for linux and symbian?

    thanks :)

  • Some fast thoughts that come to me when I read your post:

    bq. ...i should paste all needed .dll files into debug folder...

    Have in mind that you are using the debug folder because you are compiling your application on debug mode, but when you change to release mode, the binary will be placed into release folder. Copying the dll files to the binary's folder it's not mandatory. You have to do this because your application doesn't found the libs it needs to run properly. You can solve this by configuring the environment variables of the system. Other approach is to build a static application, this will increase the size of the binary but sometimes it could load faster. Even there is some applications that allow you to blend the libs with your program.

    "Deploying an Application on Windows":http://developer.qt.nokia.com/doc/qt-4.8/deployment-windows.html

    bq. what should i do for creating package for linux...

    Creating a Linux package doesn't have a direct relation with Qt, it depend of your Linux distribution and their way to package the software. In the case of Parsix which is a Debian based distribution it use DEB packages. A package of your application, is a compress file that contain your binary, information about where this binary have to go when installing, where to store the icon, where to place the link to your application in the main menu (Systems with graphical desktop environment), as well as the dependencies of your binary, in this part is when you specify the libs and maybe other programs that your application needs to run successfully.

    "How To Create A .DEB Package [Ubuntu / Debian]":http://www.webupd8.org/2010/01/how-to-create-deb-package-ubuntu-debian.html

    "Debian New Maintainers' Guide":http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/maint-guide/

    Also there is a way to get static application on Linux.

    "Building Qt for Static Linking on Linux":https://www.madsoft.org/2011/10/16/building-qt-for-static-linking-on-linux/

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