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Wacom Mouse problem

  • Hi, first of all, forgive me if this is not the place to ask, but I'm not even sure if this is a bug or what...

    The thing is, applications using Qt, don't work correctly with Wacom Mouses, and in some cases not even with the Pen/Stylus.

    There is a thread on Wacom forums about this issue:
    But Wacom clearly stated they can't do anything to solve this, so, my question is...

    Can Qt developers fix this?

    Regards, and thanks for your attention.

  • As I know Qt works with driver of standart pointing devices(maybe i wrong, thenm correct me who knows exactly) and it is no difference beetween vendors of that devices , so if your application works with other non Wacom devices that maybe somethig wrong with driver or maybe OS settings. As I read in the link that you give it is a problem with google application and 64 bit OS. Maybe 64 bit driver is a key to ask Wacom.

  • Now that you mention it, there wasn't any reference to the 32bit driver in the thread... In fact I personally have the problem on a 64 bit system too.

    But their explanation doesn't seem to have anything with the system:

    "The problem is with all programs based on the Qt framework. This package assumes that if a tablet is present, it works in pen mode (providing absolute coordinates). A tablet device (pen or mouse) set to 'mouse mode' provides only relative data and that situation is not handled correctly in Qt."

    Anyway, thanks for your anwswer!

  • See which has a couple patches.

  • Thanks Paul! Although, excuse my ignorance, but I have to ask, is this something Wacom should implement on their drivers, or is it something users can apply somewhere?

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