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qmake Maximum statement or expression depth exceeded

  • Hi,

    I'm facing a rcc build error.

    Everything works fine when I build my QML application (5.13.2) on my workstation, but when I build this application in a docker container (in a pipeline to run unit tests), I get this error:

    Error compiling js file: libs/GIHM-LIB/assets/i18n/i18n_spn.js:0: error: Maximum statement or expression depth exceeded

    The file that causes the problem is a large file, about 500000 lines, 800kb.

    I guess that is the docker container which causes the problem due to (maybe ?) a lack of memory or something else.

    Where do you think the problem comes from?

    thank you

  • The problem disappear when I build my app with the version 5.15.1 in a docker container.

    I would still like build in 5.13 ...

  • Moderators

    A quick fix for you might be to disable the Qt Quick Compiler / qmlcachegen. That is , if your application is based on qmake, do not pass or set the "qtquickcompiler" CONFIG option.

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