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Do I need to use threading?

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    I'm currently using qcustomplot ( to plot some curves on a window, like the following,

    but what I'm trying to do is to change the values of the vector representing the y axis, plot them, and doing that each 1 second.
    Suppose for example that we have Qvector<int> x, as increasing integers from 0 to 250, and QVector<int> y as x², 0², 1², 2² ....etc, then each second I want to add noise to each y[i] and plot it. Therefore we wil have a noisy curve changing each second.

    In order to do that each second, I need to use the sleep() function from <unitstd.h>, but this function prevents the window from opening. Therefore I thought it's because the program is stuck 99.99 % of the time on the sleep function, maybe I need another thread that sleeps and loads the data, and another that displays the window?

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