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legacy Win 7 development - dll issue

  • I am developing a simple bluetooth LE application for Windows 7 SP1 OS as part of maintaining a legacy open source project. I installed Visual Studio 2019, used the online Qt installer and installed the following:
    Qt.5.15.2 (MSVC 2019 32-bit, 64-bit), Qt Creator 4.15.2 (debug symbols, debug tools for windows, CDB debugger support)

    building one of the bluetooth LE examples, lowenergyscanner, in Creator it
    crashes. From the debug build, directly running the exe I get a popup error about a missing winrt dll. Dependency walker highlights these dlls:

    AFAIK, the winrt dll's only pertain to Windows 8 and up, so am I using the wrong toolchain in Win 7 SP1 ?

  • I think it may be because BLE isnt supported on Win 7 OS. The device I
    am developing a reader for (thermometer) is single mode BLE only, so
    I would need a third party BLE dongle of some kind for Win 7. Can anyone
    confirm that BLE is a no go with Qt on Win 7 ?

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