[Moved] How to know the versions of all the modules i have installed with Qt SDK 1.0.2 ?

  • hi,
    I am using windows 7.
    I have recently installed Qt SDK 1.0.2. But i can't know the current versions of all the modules in this SDK using the Qt creator. Thooug in the installation directory i found a file named components.xml but that is looked cumbersome. I didn't find there what i wanted. Could you help me to find out the way ?

    Thank you.

  • The SDKMaintenanceTool shows you all available packages, their version and whether they're installed or not. The tool is in the toplevel directory of your SDK installation.

  • I checked SDK Maintenance tool. It showed me some information but not really what i wanted like:
    When i press in the Simulator checkbox it showed:
    "Qt simulator for rapid development...blah blah..."
    there were three sub-check box where only one is selected showing
    "Development libraries for develpment on simulator with MinGW 4.4..... it component will occupy about ...MB in your harddisk."

    Does it mean my simulator version is 4.4 ? I think not. Moreover i didn't find the Qt version. I found a checkbox named "Symbian for Qt 4.6.2"

    I am not sure if 4.6.2 is my Qt version !!

    Would you help to clearify my idea ?

  • In the maintenance tool, select the package manager.

    Find the installed Qt versions under Qt SDK / Development Tools / Desktop Qt

    For the other components, the list view contains the current (if installed) and newest version numbers. You cited from the description to the right.

    And I would guess the entry acutally reads "Qt 4.6.2 for Symbian". In that case, the Qt Version would be 4.6.2, built for a Symbian target (check the versions columns for the actual version).

  • That is the screnn-shot of what i got from the maintenance tool package manager.

  • Oh, that looks completely different than my Mac version. Maybe due to the fact that I have version 1.1.0 of the SDK.

    Someone else should jump in here - I don't have experience with older versions of the SDK.

    PS: I moved the thread to the Installation & Deployment forum, it's more likely that someone else catches it up there.

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