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Qt creator console project isnt worked in release mode, but worked in debug!

  • Hi,
    i try to run my working in the past project (several months ago) which didnt use Qt, but i like qt creator.
    But when i try to run in release - console window is opened and nothing happened (even if first row of main is Hello world!).
    I trying to commit part of the code and found that if some specific lines is commited - it worked in release (it execute at lest first row of main).
    And it always worked in Debug.
    Trying several standard kits, but they want LLVM on MSVC and it not build at all.
    So I come with manual kit which use several MSVC compilers (19 versions) and nothing changed. Release not worked.
    (New project with Qt in last month is worked with manual kit)

    In last months i update MSVC and Qt if it could be important.

    Maybe i not correct with manual settings? I only place compiler in it.

    Thanks for any advice!

  • Found MSVC plugin to translate qt projects to Visual Studio and there is no such problem. It only ugly IDE.

  • If somebody found this!
    The problem was in VCOMP140.dll (it wasnt found)!
    I dont know why it disappear or why it needed, and also why Qt creator dont tell that dll isnt found.

    But Visual Studio tell and i download it and place near exe. And everything worked!

  • @SergeyK12 said in Qt creator console project isnt worked in release mode, but worked in debug!:

    And everything worked!

    Glad you found out. Please don't forget to mark your post as solved!