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Qt Documentation in more general format like pdf, chm, or epub.

  • Sometimes, I wish I could carry Qt document in my IPad to read it while I can(hueaefjixk!) if it were provided in pdf, chm or other format.
    How do you think?

  • Well, if I google on converters between HTML and the formats you mention above, I do find some options. For instance, there is a convertor for htmlfiles (plural) to chm.

    But can't you read HTML on your iPad?

  • Oh I should have thought using chm compiler to make it from html files Nice hint thanks

  • Today we have html, DITA and .qch output of the documentation - http://developer.qt.nokia.com/doc/qt-4.8/qthelp-framework.html. Had a quick chat with the doc guys and there is no new doc format coming from them. However DITA should be useful for conversion between formats - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darwin_Information_Typing_Architecture

    The OpenDITA toolkit outputs to several formats - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DITA_Open_Toolkit

    bq. PDF, through XSL-FO
    Microsoft Compiled HTML Help
    Eclipse Help
    Oracle Help
    Rich Text Format

    Note: Doc guys did say that the Qt 5 DITA will be much better for this kind of use than 4.8 is currently.

    peppe mentioned on IRC that "docbook-xsl contain some XSLT stuff for converting DITA's XML to html/chm?"

  • [quote author="mariusg" date="1325851777"]Today we have html, DITA and .qch output of the documentation[/quote]

    It would be ideal, when we install the Qt, we can install only the help (and of course: the help-reader app).

  • [quote author="joonhwan" date="1325837912"]or other format.[/quote]

    wget (on linux) or httrack (on windows) can mirror the html help files to your machine, and then you can read them (just thinking).

  • Good to see several reaponses. I thought Qt document itself is not only reference but also guide/tutorial/learning material. In other words it could be treated like book as well as ditionary. Actually there is no nice book on QML except Qt document. Thats what I meant in my original post. A few weeks ago, I saw nice troll team provide good QML introduction in several formats that i mentioned(epub, pdf ...). I downloaded it in epub format, and I can read it iBooks app while commutation between home and office. Qt document itself can be used like this way.

    Until nice and feasible conversion method is found, I only can have chm format of Qt document built by myself( not indexed well though ). with tha, at least i can read it on the way whenever i have time to do this.

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