Profiling Qt app with very Sleepy , how to analyze the results?

  • Im trying to find why my Qt application get delay in some point for second , this sec delay happens each add to list operation , and way i used the free profiler "Very Sleepy" and it gave some snapshot that i have hard time to analyze. here is the top snapshot : first of all it seams that this winapi methods takes long:

    GetModuleFileNameA,983.451654,983.451654,87.500001,87.500001,kernel32,[unknown],0 @

    and there is no stack print . the second method that taks long is :


    and in this stack trace i see heavy calling to QSettings::allKeys coming from QtCore4 i dont call QSettings::allKeys

    and then i have :


    and here i do create images from bytarray info i download from the web , small 50X50 images using :

    @QImage thumbnail = QImage::fromData(bytarray );@

    how can i save here and maybe stop this app delays?

  • You did not provide enough information to come up with any sensible suggestion for improvement.

    Generic idea: What happens during each "add to list operation"? Does this addition ripple through the code, triggering updates in other places? Does it require redraw operations? How expensive are those?

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