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QML Debugger with Mixed Mode was working but stopped working

  • Hi, I got the QML Debugger going initially quite easily. I'm working with Qt 5.15.5 on Windows 10. I set the CONFIG parameters for qml_debug & declarative_debug. After that I started the debugger & the Firewall came up with a block message & I did an allow, & it worked. I was making changes to source & noticed the QML Debugger quit working. I have gone through the settings & still it is not working. I did a deinstall & reinstall, but still it cannot connect to the socket to run. I used a socket sniffer & can tell no socket is running with the Qt Creator. Does anyone have an idea of various things to check because I have checked everything I can think of.

  • This problem is related to the internal socket process crashing. I got it working again, but once I went to "Stop Debugger" in QML Debugger, it crashed the socket service; it didn't stop cleanly. Once again I can't connect to the socket. This is bizarre. This is Qt 5.15.5 & Windows 11.

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