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How to use child camera in QML View3D (QT designer Studio)?

  • Hi,

    I just started using QT designer studio and it's pretty great. However, I have some trouble with some functionality.
    Mostly, is there a way to switch to a secondary camera that is a child of a 3D asset?

    I want to have a camera on a robot's arm. I want the camera to follow the body or the attached arm.
    The camera shows the scene, but the narrowViewCamera (see below) doesn't render anything. When move the narrowViewCamera at the same level of the first camera, it works, but it won't follow the movements of the 3D asset.

    My understanding is that the camera doesn't render anything because there's nothing to render, because there's no resource at the same level.

    is there a way around without having to calculate every movement?

    alt text

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