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Eraser tool in QGraphicView

  • Hello, I have created a drawing tool like MS Paint follow this tutorial:
    Now i want to create eraser tool help me to erase the drawn line. Please help me, maybe a working example is good for me.b19d9632-14db-4985-ba41-e48164ccb58b-image.png

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    Hi and welcome to the forums

    You can use
    QGraphicsItem *item = itemAt(event->scenePos())
    in mousePress to get the item under mouse and
    remove the lines with removeItem()

    You need a button to toggle between drawing and erasing.

    However, if you plan on making a small Raster paint app like MS paint then I'm not sure you
    are on the right path using QGraphicView.
    At least what was drawn here is a vector. tons of line segments.
    so it's not an image as it's in MS Paint. Just so you are aware that some operations
    will be harder than using a pure QPainter approach.

    I think you want more like

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