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QJSEngine passing arguments back to c++

  • Is it possible to pass and JavaScript c++ proxy qobject method back to to c++ as reference or value, i Just can pass when the c++ method recives a Pointer as aargument.
    I try to register a meyatype converter but it as no efect in JavaScript enviroment.

    I Just can pass when a i create create a c++ classe with a method that returns *this as a datatype.

    It was Nice to to catch the console log, like a connect signal instande of creating a custom object for that prupose.

    My goal is to BE able to create a qsize or a qicon or other type of data with create new in JavaScript and pass to c++ as reference or value.

    Tanks Ricardo Matos

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    values from JS to C++ can be handled with the QJSValue type on the C++ side.
    But the JS side will never support more types than the engine provides.
    Also see this:

  • @raven-worx
    But can pass a c++ type back to c++ like a QIcon or a QSize if inside my c++ classe i have a invokable method that returns *this.
    Calling that method from JavaScript and passing to c++ i can have back the QIcon or QSize.
    Is it nota possível to create a qmetatype converter for that class?
    I read someware that it was possble to use register meta type converter in old versions of qt but i tryit on Qt 6.2 and is nota working.
    Im doing something wrong?

  • It was Nice to be able to register a meyatype converter and the QJSEngine convert for that object to a data type.
    Until now i create a class of QIcon and add and invokable method that returns *this.
    Like that i can recive on c++ a QIcon as reference
    Is there something that Im missing?
    If i create a object in c++ with QJSEngine::toScriptVale of a QIcon it works as well but like that i canto create a new object of that type and if i Change the value it chances for all c++ calls, in JavaScript is nota trivial to clone a object it was Nice to be able to clone it and fonte destroy the Last calls.

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