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[Moved] opencl debug and qt studio

  • hello.
    Is possible debug an opencl or cuda kernel function with qt studio?
    i see that there are some linux debugger, how configure one.


  • I guess you mean Qt Creator as IDE when you are referring to qt studio. Is that correct?

  • yes , sorry qt creator

  • Qt Creator specific questions are better placed in the Tools forum.

    Unfortunately, I cannot reassign your question to that forum. I guess someone will reassign this post to Tools forum. For starters you should change the topic. Please rename "studio" to "creator".
    You are able to edit your post and the subject using the links on the right of the post below your name.

  • I moved this thread to the Tools forum and deleted the duplicate that was there (it had no responses).

    Please don't duplicate a topic on a more appropriate forum - the moderators crowd almost always catches those requests and moves the thread to the right place. Thanks.

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