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Save TagLib tags while playing music

  • I'm creating application for editing music tags with TagLib. When file is choosen I read tags, display them in table model, and then set this file as source to MediaObject. But when I modify tags and try to save a file, read-only error appears. It's because Phonon is reading file. Amarok also uses Phonon and TagLib and there is possibility of saving file while playing music. I've read some Amarok sources (saving tags and initializing Phonon) and I haven't found anything special. Is there anyone who could help me with this problem? Sorry for any language mistakes.

  • Maybe you need to make some temp file where you put some data(on some period of time, for example 5 sec.) or entirely file from original file opening it, reading some data then closing and then read it by player. So where you not reading original file you can change tags. But if you chose a buffer not full copy of file you maybe need to use QtMultimediea instead Phonon.

  • Thank you for reply, but yesterday evening I've solved this problem. VLC backend for Phonon was needed.

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