Is webkit supposed to build with Qt5?

  • I really searched but was unable to find the answer.
    I'm on ubuntu 11.04 and followed the instructions in
    Everything builds except qtwebkit. I attempted to fix some include paths but at some point I just can't find some class referenced in some files.

    So... is it supposed to build?

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    Remember, this is still long before even an alpha version. Webkit is quite problematic, because it is an external dependency, and it is very big. Occasionally, it breaks a build here or there. Check out some earlier commit or wait for a few days before trying to pull sources again. If webkit is not crucial to you, disabling it in configure is probably the fastest way you can get to working Qt5 libs.

  • Thanks.
    I've decided to skip webkit for now and have had moderate success playing with QML + C++. However, in trying out the 3d tutorials I'm getting the following error:

    QDeclarativePropertyCache: QQuickItem has FastProperty class info, but has not installed property accessors.

    The error seems to appear as long as I have any property set on the viewport. Does anyone know what could be causing it?

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    You'll probably be better off if you start a new topic for that - if it has a good title, it might attract relevant people. You may also want to contact guys working on QML and Qt3d on mailing lists ("link":, "link":

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