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Design question on integration TCL and Qt

  • Hi everybody,

    I need to implement the following:

    • user run tcl application from console (on Windows)
    • when he issues the popup command Qt gui is shown
    • he still should be able to type in console and issue other commands
    • the application data has to be accessed directly, so both tcl and Qt must be in the same process.

    I started with tcl. I have command prompt , can execute the commands.
    Now I am trying to show the Qt widget. As soon I do it I can't type anything in console window anymore.
    I tried to merge the Qt and tcl loop , and even though I got some code examples which worked with Qt4 I still can't achieve what I want - I can't really type in console window anymore.
    Does anybody have code example which works or has suggestion on the design?

    Best regards,

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