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integration between c++ and Qml

  • Hello I am really new in Qt/QML development .
    i tried to display radialbar in my qml dashboard using this tutoriel .
    Currently I want to send data from c++ to qml to each individual radialbar .
    How can i do this .
    Thanks for your help

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    The easiest way to begin is:

    • create a custom subclass of QObject
    • add some Q_PROPERTY there, which will control the value of your RadialBar
    • in main.cpp, create an instance of your subclass and add it as a root context property to your QML engine
    • the context property you've added has a name - you can use it in QML to access any properties, slots and Q_INVOKABLE methods from your c++ class

    For example, if you have a property defined as:

    Q_PROPERTY(int someValue MEMBER _someValue)

    You can use it in QML as:

    RadialBar {
      value: yourRootContextPropertyName.someValue

    It will update automatically when you modify the property.

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