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Can't configure Qt Versions

  • Dears

       I used my board to local compile Qt 5.9.6, and successfully ran the examples on my board.
       But after I mount my board  root system on my PC, I can't set my QT creater configurations of it . There is an error occured:

    屏幕截图 2021-06-21 162600.png

        What should I do now?


    Wade Xu

  • Moderators

    You have compiled Qt locally on an embedded board? Then qmake is probably compiled in ARM architecture. Your x86 computer won't be able to run this.

    If you want to compile your embedded app on a desktop, you need to cross-compile Qt. Then your qmake will be compiled in x86 architecture, while all Qt libraries will use ARM.

  • Hi, sierdzio

      Thanks, got it.

    Wade Xu

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