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How to port a code written for maemo 5 to symbian C60 on QT Createor 1.4?

  • I've a compiled code for maemo 5 code. I would like to know how do I compile it for Symbian C60?

  • If you have written , platform specific code, you will have to make the changes, obviously.

    If its purely Qt code, just add symbian target and compile. Note that, symbian tool chain works on windows only. if you are on Linux, you might need remote compiler.

  • It is in pure QT. Was trying to make it work in Linux but didn't. The biggest problem that I'm facing right now is which version of SDK and what SDK to download.
    I've to convert the code into S^3 as of now. So, which SDK for windows should I get? And, what are your debugger settings?

  • Any SDK is fine with Symbian Dev on Windows. And latest SDKs support only CODA for on device debugging.

  • So this is what I've now. I've installed Symbian 3^ SDK. I've also installed QT. I've opened my .pro file in QT. How do I compile it for Symbian 3^? Is Symbian Anna = Symbian 3^?

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