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Installation problem in qt-creator-2.4.0

  • Hello,

    According to README I should do the following steps.

    1. mkdir $BUILD_DIRECTORY
    3. qmake $SOURCE_DIRECTORY/
    4. make (or mingw32-make or nmake or jom, depending on your platform)

    But after step 3 nothing happens. No Makefile is created in $BUILD_DIRECTORY and step 4 fails.

    Building in the src directory works.

    Can you help ?


  • Which platform are you on? Which version of Qt do you use? What kind of toolchain / compiler do you use? Is the call to qmake just doing nothing - or are there any error messages?

  • Hello,

    I'm running the installation under Centos 5.7, gcc 4.1.2, QT 4.7.4
    The call to qmake does nothing.
    There are no error messages.


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