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qtquick (qml) programs hanging

  • Manufacturer replaced my laptop with a better model under service contract. Windows 10 Home, GTX 2070 graphics. Loaded Qt. Using Qt Creator 4.15.0 (based on Qt 5.15.2). Qt Widget programs all compile and execute flawlessly. However, any QtQuick program, even a new unmodified one, opens the app's window and hangs. Shows 'not responding' when hovered over. Happens regardless of kits or make selected. I suspect it may be a Windows issue (perhaps Defender blocking) but could discover nothing in this forum or an Internet search to resolve it. Any suggestions as to where to look would be appreciated. The QtQuick apps ran fine on the previous laptop. No other programs experiencing problems so far.

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    and you updated the GFX drivers so they are surely up to date ?
    and congrats with the new laptop :)

  • Solved sort of. Found a message under 'qml stuck' which indicated the problem. One other change with the new laptop was the addition of a Thunderbolt docking station. That post indicated a problem with qml on docking stations due to display drivers. This is a workaround. If you run Qt Creator on the laptop screen it compiles and runs. You can then move the app to the docked monitor and it runs there okay. This only applies to qml. Creator works fine with Qt widget applications on the docked monitor.

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    Ahh good info.
    So the Displayport driver will interfere with accelerated graphics it seems.

  • Thanks mrjj. The other post suggests the usb display drivers for the port are the problem. The laptop is an Alienware. Under maintenance contracts if they cannot get the repair parts in a reasonable time they offer a refurb'ed machine. Went up 3 generations in cpu, 16 to 32 gb mem and from 1 256GB ssd's to 3 512's. That made consolidating my older desktop and laptop to the laptop with docking a better setup. I may email the port vendor for their input.

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    Well that is a beefy upgrade :)

    i have some IT issues involving usb DisplayPort adaptors so i can believe that.

    I guess its workable considering you could just make app jump to laptop display as soon as started so Creator and debugger be on
    the external screen and the app on the laptop.

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