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How to handle exception for combobox selection?

  • Hi,
    I have added combobox in my table(Qtableview) in column 2 &3
    in combobox values are a,b,c,d,e
    case1. is user can select combo1->a combo2->b if user select other than this then it should not crash.
    this is valid scenario how should i add exception so if user select other than this ordr it should not crash ?
    1. combo1->a combo2->b
    2. combo1->a combo2->c
    3. combo1->c combo2->d
    4. combo1->d combo2->e

    Please suggest !!

  • Run a debugger and crash it. it will show you what went wrong

  • I need to prevent based on combobox selection i'm doing some calculation ..
    so i want user to select the values is such a way.. what to do in this case?
    if user select other values as i mentioned how user should select.

  • @n-2204
    Are you still asking about crashing or something else, in which case what? No, there should be no exceptions raised in any case.

  • ok. Thankyou

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