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how to write to QTableWidget Without ReWriting the previous row!

  • Hi ~~~
    I am a beginner i have QTableWidget i want to add some data on it so if the first row already have data i want it automatically to go to the second then the third row without Rewriting the previous rows ... etc ! any advice?

    QString ms1= QString::number(ui->priceofbuy_1->value());
    QString ms2 = QString::number(ui->numberofitemsspinbox_1->value());
    QString ms3 = QString::number(ui->firstpricelcd->value());
    ui->tableWidget->setItem(0, 0, new QTableWidgetItem(ui->nameofbuyercombobox_1->currentText()));
        ui->tableWidget->setItem(0, 1, new QTableWidgetItem(ui->comboBox_1->currentText()));
        ui->tableWidget->setItem(0, 2, new QTableWidgetItem(ms1));
        ui->tableWidget->setItem(0, 3, new QTableWidgetItem(ms2));
        ui->tableWidget->setItem(0, 4, new QTableWidgetItem(ms3));
        ui->tableWidget->setItem(1, 0, new QTableWidgetItem(ui->nameofbuyercombobox_1->currentText()));
        ui->tableWidget->setItem(1, 1, new QTableWidgetItem(ui->comboBox_1->currentText()));
        ui->tableWidget->setItem(1, 2, new QTableWidgetItem(ms1));
        ui->tableWidget->setItem(1, 3, new QTableWidgetItem(ms2));
        ui->tableWidget->setItem(1, 4, new QTableWidgetItem(ms3));

  • The following code may be helpful for you. This piece of code is adding a list of texts to the table.
    foreach( auto name, row_name_list ) {
    m_tableWidget->insertRow( m_tableWidget->rowCount() );
    auto item0 = new QTableWidgetItem( name );
    item0->setFont( font );
    item0->setTextAlignment( Qt::Align Left );
    m_tableWidget->setItem( m_tableWidget->rowCount() - 1, 0, item0 );
    auto item1 = new QTableWidgetItem( QString( "" ) );
    item1->setFont( font );
    item1->setTextAlignment( Qt::AlignLeft );
    m_tableWidget->setItem( m_tableWidget->rowCount() - 1, 1, item1 );

  • works great bro <3
    Really Thank you i wish all the best happy life for you <3

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