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Compile android app with Visual Studio

  • Hello!.
    I'm able to coding Qt app with visual studio (I prefer this last one for coding) )with VS addon. For that I put the Qmake.exe from the "QT\msvc2019_64/bin"

    alt text

    I can also compile basic C++ code in visual Studio with Android compiler (without Qt)

    I'm also able to use a C++ Qt code with Android compiler under Qt creator with android emulator created with Android Studio" (By the way...., we absolutly need Android Studio?? Because, Qt Creator seems to handle everything (SDK, NDK...)

    OK...It's easy :)

    But :) would like to find a way tu use both of them ....make a Qt project for Android under visual studio BUT there is no "qmake.exe" in the android_x86\bin folder (just a Qmake.bat file), so can't configure "android_x86" fpr my VS Qt project
    alt text

    I can't create Visual studio project for Android and Qt. Does anybody have an idea?
    Do I have to complilate a Qmake myself? And how to do this? :)

    Thank you a lot for tout future help ! :)

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